About Us

Hello all you Flickit fans (or soon to be) out there!

OK, so some background about us. We (a group of under qualified yet highly motivated scientist) were sitting at our underground lab, 20 floors under ground in a location we are not at liberty to share (trade secret) , thinking of our next big thing. (Figuring “OK so we already finished with cold fusion and gene replication whats next?”)

We played around with many different ideas, from edible inflatable animals to magic love potions and so on. And than, looking at our phones (and what may or may have not been sprinkled on our screens), we figured it out!

We can help so many people out there that are looking for a while to share their moods, get some well deserved attention or just have a great night out! Flickit, its simple, easy to use and generally (we believe) tremendously super awesome. (not that we would ever toot our own horn)

The basic idea is of course sharing your mood, and experimenting with different substances but early users have already reported residual effects of usage, for example, a spike in the amount of incoming romantic interest, generally elevated mood and libido and of course, a MUCH better life in general.

Make sure to follow us on social networks, such as twitter and Facebook , we will be giving out special treate